Come se dice, "Get the Mexicans out"?

* Republican presidential candidates hate on Bush like they're all named Democrat McLiberalalot. [LAT, CNN]

* Apparently there's a fine line between the cream of the crop and just being a batshit old man. [WP]

* Hate Mexicans? How about saying it in Spanish, white boy. [The Hill]

* The problem with Putin is that he's acting too much like George Bush. [NYT]

* Republican? Live an Iowa? Mitt Romney is happy to buy your vote. [LAT]

* Harry Reid is getting ready to put a new law on the books that will never be enforced. [NYT]

* As a US attorney, Brad Schlozman had no fucking clue that bringing an indictment during election season would somehow affect the outcome of the election. He's not a hack, he's just a moron. [WP]


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