Come To Wonkette's Patriotic Inaugural Ball This Friday!


To honor Barack Obama's swearing-in as the first Luo president of America, ever, your Wonkette is hosting a sexy sexy party this Friday -- yes, the one that's in two days! Ha ha! And it's free for everyone, with the musics and the alcohols. America's videographer Liz Glover will play host at her very own yoga studio to boot! Oh boy! Details!

  • Where/when?

    10PM till seriously whenever


    410 H Street N.E. Washington, DC 20002


    $5 suggested donation (or you can pay nothing and be BANNED FOREVER from LIFE)

  • Who will play the musics and show you the sexy moving pictures? Descriptions from DC's own resident art cartographer Nikolas Schiller, who knows all the hot tickets in this town!


    "visionary seductive sleaze from Luke & Christina, live music/video performance"


    "People's Potential honcho spinning records so mind-bogglingly nasty that they don't even actually exist"


    "Future Times heroes (DJ Ari G and Disco City's Maxmillion Dunbar) banging that slow, aquatic house vibe"


  • Why?

    FOR AMERICA! (Free beer.)

  • Should I RSVP?

    Hmm maybe! Not really, ha. BUT if you're interested, please send an e-mail indicating you would like to come to, subject line, "I HAVE COORDINATED MY BUMPASS-ROSE TO WONKETTE'S PARTY," just so we can get a basic headcount, ok? Deal with it?

    There will be a Facebook info page soon, for the kids. UPDATE: Facebook event page is here! You can respond there too! Post wacky pictures!

    Peggy Noonan and Bill Kristol will be there too, with that same aquatic vibe, because they are fish. Uhh that's all for now. Come!

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In this increasingly polarized society we live in, it's hard to find any kind of consensus on anything -- but one would think that there would still be a few things here and there that we could all agree upon. One also might assume that one of those things would be "drinking bleach is a bad idea."

But if one were to do that, they would be wrong. Because the Genesis II Church is holding a seminar today in Washington State in order to promote the use of a substance they call "Miracle Mineral Solution," which they consider a miracle cure for every disease on earth, and which the FDA and anyone who can read ingredients would consider "industrial bleach."

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This past November, far right dingbat Laura Loomer was finally kicked off of Twitter after tweeting a bunch of crazy ass hateful shit about Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. To put it mildly, she was not happy about it. In fact, she kind of lost her fucking mind (what was left of it anyway) and ended up handcuffing herself to Twitter headquarters in order to protest the ban. She's been yelling about it ever since -- though since she's not on Twitter, few have even noticed.

Filled with desperation and with nowhere else left to turn, she is bringing her case to court and suing Twitter in hopes that a judge and jury will force the social media company to give her back her account so that she can continue to use it to scream horrible things about Muslim people all day long. This is what she is currently doing on Instagram, where she just recently went on a charming rant all about how much she hates Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar (yes, again), stating that Islam is a "cancer" and that "Muslims should not be allowed to seek positions of political office in this country. It should be illegal."

With statements like that, it is hard to believe that Twitter, or anyone, for that matter, would not be thrilled to have a normal human person like Laura Loomer on their site.

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