Comedy Central's Talking Boneheads

like_the_real_hardball_has_such_a_huge_budgetWhen bookers attack: Jim March of the Citizen’s Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms offers the latest first person account of how faux shout show "Crossballs" got an honest pundit into a ridiculous exchange of meaningless ideas. Which has never happened before in the history of television. March, apparently unaware of the existence of "The O'Reilly Factor," appears to think he was duped into this, and we confess a fondness for the neologism he uses to express his outrage: "I did NOT CONSENT TO BE FINDFUCKED LIKE THIS!" (Totally stealing that.)

It sounds so great. But Variety's said the show "recalls the kind of shtick high school kids engage in when trying to spice up a social studies class, with a budget that's probably comparable," which sounds so much like the Wonkette business plan it's scary.

[AP Photo/Courtesy Comedy Central, Michael Yarish]

“The Debate Show” Fiasco [Equal Rights for Carry Concealed Weapons]

Crossballs [Variety/Yahoo]

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