tom malin.jpgDoes everyone remember Tom Malin -- you know, the former gay prostitute and Mary Kay cosmetics salesman, who recently mounted an unsuccessful bid for the Texas state legislature?

Last week, after Malin lost the race for the Democratic nomination in his district, we declared his story to be over. We professed that it was "time for us to quit riding Tom Malin."

Well, perhaps we spoke too soon. Yesterday we received the following email, which practically caused us to wet -- among other things -- our collective pants:

Howdy from Texas!

I have enjoyed your blog and the fun you guys have been having!

Keep it up.

Tom Malin

At first we thought this had to be some kind of joke. To confirm the identity of the sender, we forwarded the message to the email address on Tom Malin's official website, with a request for confirmation of its authenticity -- which, amazingly enough, we received.

So we then did what any self-respecting, "real" journalist would do: we asked for an interview. And, lo and behold, our request was granted!

Keep checking back, boys and girls: at some point in the near future, we'll be publishing an exclusive Wonkette interview with Tom Malin.

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