Commence The 2012 Debate Prep!

  • Both Barack Obama and John McCain told awful repugnant lies about healthcare during the debate, so here, compare and contrast! [Newsweek]
  • George Stephanopoulos says, Well America now that you sat through your last dull 90-minute March of Hell, we can reveal to you that debates don't matter, and you should just watch the money and the map in the last days of any campaign. [ABC News]
  • While they all agree on the banking crisis, nations of the EU disagree about how best to deal with climate change (mainly because Poland and Italy are terrible polluters who hate trees). [BBC]
  • Voter registration challenges in Ohio could result in hundreds of thousands of provisional ballots, major pains in the ass, red tape, recounts...You know, the usual way they "vote" in Ohio. [New York Times]
  • Even the Swiss have to bail out their banks. The Swiss! [Washington Post]
  • John McCain was meaner in last night's debate than in previous debates, which was a good thing and a bad thing, so Obama magically won. Again. [New York Times]

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