Commie Libs Finally Go Too Far

Well whaddya expect from communist San Francisco???Republicans learned long ago that Democrats are big meanies, so the latest outrage out of "Moscow by the Bay" really shouldn't come as a shock.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the city zoo has named one of its horses "Coulter" -- a direct attack on the beauty of best-selling humorist Ann Coulter!

Or maybe not. The zookeepers refused to "confirm or deny that the horse was named with Ann Coulter in mind."

A bigger question is What kind of crap zoo displays a common horse? Lemurs, elephants, giraffes and various comical monkeys are zoo animals. Horses are vehicles.

(At least the San Francisco Zoo has Stephen Colbert's loyal American bald eagle, Stephen Jr.)

Washington may be a stinking hellhole that should be encased in concrete, like Chernobyl, but at least the zoo has a baby panda that everybody likes to see.



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