Commies, Nancies Seeing Momentum


Check out the trend, losers! The Blacks are slowly gaining on the Indians, and blood will run through the streets of Real America soon... SOON! But what could account for this sudden swing in favor of the health care reform plan, which, as Republicans had assured us, had been memorized, analyzed, cross-checked, and graded a Terrible Socialism Failure by 99% of American adults?

Did the Democrats slip awesome "One Free Abortion Within 90 Days" coupons into the mix in exchange for adopting the stricter, long-term Stupak abortion language? Maybe. Most likely it's that America's beloved insane snippy left is finally showing some unity to get through this last and only possible act.

And when it passes YOU ALL BETTER CHEER FOR IT, GOT IT? YOU WILL CHEER NAKED AT MIDNIGHT EACH NIGHT UNTIL ELECTION TIME. Because that is how much you love SUBSIDIZED FOR-PROFIT MEDICAL COVERAGE WITH 60% ACTUARIAL VALUE AND 3:1 COMMUNITY RATING. Take your sub-80% medical loss-ratios and snorkel your fat grandmother all night long with them, Wellpoint! United!... The Other Ones! (GEICO??)



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