'Common Sense Conservative' Plotting Run Against Michele Bachmann


Can you imagine America without its favorite dingbat congresslady, baby-farming conservative icon Michele Bachmann? Would we be able to laugh, ever again? Well get ready for eternal sorrow, because some attorney in her district is maybe planning to challenge Bachmann in the GOP primary next year! His name is Chris Johnston, and he is the kind of Islamic Terrorist who would dare to question the intellectual integrity and public record of the only Real American congresslady in all of Washington and/or Minnesota!

Here's what Johnston says about Our Lady of Eternal Insanity on his blog, called "Beat Bachmann," which is anti-American to even think about, while masturbating:

Yes, that Michelle Bachmann -- the hiding in the bushes during a gay rally, the "anti-American" hurling, malaprop spouting, they took me out of context, Congress woman.

Mrs. Bachmann and I do share some strong conservative beliefs but it has become painfully aware that the people of the 6th District deserve to be represented by someone who thinks before they speak and will work hard to effectively represent every citizen of the district.

Chris Johnston already has both of the things necessary to be in a Republican leadership position -- a free Blogspot account and a free Twitter account -- so we are expecting him to go far.

Woodbury attorney may challenge Bachmann for GOP primary [Minnesota Independent]


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