Communist Requests Recount In Wisconsin Supreme Court Election

Communist Requests Recount In Wisconsin Supreme Court Election
  • Enemy of the Koch "JoAnne Kloppenburg" was thoroughly defeated by old-timey wingnut David Prosser in the recent Wisconsin Supreme Court election, after some weird lady "found" 14,000 votes on her personal computer. But now this hippie sore loser has requested a recount, probably because Prosser is only ahead by 7,316 votes, which is 0.5 percent of the 1.5 million votes cast statewide. More liberal tricks! First Kloppenburg declared victory without even considering that some lady would find 14,000 votes a day after the election results were announced. And now this, a recount? Nobody knows how long this process will take, or how many union thugs Scott Walker will have to fire in retaliation. [Reuters]
  • A recent New York Times/CBS News poll says that eighty percent of Americans believe "the economy is doing fairly or very bad." People are so impatient. The money is trickling down. It takes time to trickle, geezus. (Why does America hate Ronald Reagan?) [The Politico]

  • Nobel Peace Prize Champion Barack Obama has authorized the use of death robots in Libya. Half the world is now being bombed by a bunch of sad youngsters sitting behind computer monitors in a top secret trailer in Fort Skoal, Virginia, or whatever. [The Hill]


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