Communists Continue To Occupy Scott Walker's Koch Palace

Communists Continue To Occupy Scott Walker's Koch Palace
  • Scott Walker asked the greedy working people of Wisconsin if they would kindly remove themselves from the capitol by 4 p.m. Sunday. And surprise surprise, the trust fund teachers did not listen, forcing poor Governor Walker to order policemen to clear out the building. But treasonous Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubb allowed dozens of protesters to stay the night, claiming that "people here have acted lawfully and responsibly" and "there's no reason to consider arrests." He even let union organizers enter the building to deliver food. Food. The police can no longer be trusted. Scott Walker needs a Libyan Amazon Sex Brigade. [AlterNet/AP]
  • Twenty-two banks have already failed this year (you probably didn't hear about it, because, you know, "Justin Bieber got a new pubecut"). Meanwhile, Bernie Madoff described the government as a giant Ponzi scheme during an interview with New York magazine. [CBS]

  • Some movie stars won awards last night. Other movie stars did not.


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