Competition for "Hannity and Colmes" in Joke Shout Show Division

Broadcasting and Cable has a squib on Comedy Central's "Crossballs," which sets out to mock television shout shows. This should prove difficult for the venture's producers, as they clearly have not actually seen one -- these things, after all, do a perfectly good job of mocking themselves. For instance, one set-up for "Crossballs" has a comedian posing as a psychologist ask right-to-bear-arms advocate James Marsh "'whether his need for guns was tied to 'sexual issues.' Still reeling, Marsh was then asked: 'When was your first homoerotic experience?'"

I think I saw Paul Begala ask that question last night. In any case, the venture already has its critics, including one would-be guest who wised up to the hoax just in time. On her his blog, she he [Sorry, Lauren. But, geez, Lauren. . . ] now warns fellow experts:

[U]nless you get your kicks from being humiliated before an audience of millions, this is one show you definitely don't want to be thinking back on years from now.
But speak for yourself! America loves humiliation, and we love to be humiliated. In fact, this whole scenario sounds sort of familiar. . . Experts drawn into giving misleading testimony? Bait and switch tactics used to secure agreement to ultimately misguided ventures? You didn't speak in front of the U.N. by any chance, did you?

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