Conan O'Brien Now In Charge Of Singing Old People To Sleep

  • Morgan Stanley will raise $2.2 billion in a stock offering so that they can get out from under the government's odious TARP. [AP]
  • GM has reportedly sold its Hummer unit, but they won't say which shameful sucker bought it. [New York Times]
  • Don't get all excited about how our economy is improving; while we may have "hit bottom" we are still in the throes of an extended bout of dire suckiness not seen since the 30s. [Washington Post]
  • President Obama attempts to disagree with the Israelis without being disagreeable. [New York Times]
  • Millions of middle-aged Midwesterners tuned their teevees to Jay Leno's Tonight Show last night and were grossly offended to see some Irishman with a bouffant making awkward jokes about whatever. [ABC News]
  • Looks like the Brazilian Air Force may have found the wreckage from that disappeared Air France flight. [AFP]

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