Condi Passes on NFL Job and Takes Off for the Caribbean

Yesterday we considered the possibility that Condoleezza Rice might apply for the newly vacated post of NFL commissioner. But we concluded that, given the inopportune timing, her taking the job would be unlikely. It turns out we were right:

"Unfortunately, it came open at the wrong time," said Rice, who was clearly amused when a reporter posed the question. "Obviously, I'm very busy as secretary of state, and I intend to continue to be secretary of state as long as the president of the United States will have me."

In other Condi news, right now she's enjoying a little spring break, with some "diplomacy" in the Caribbean. We suspect she just wants to get in a cardio workout by running on the beach. Here's what one reader had to say about Condi's trip to the Bahamas:

fruity drink.jpeg"With Russia slowly slipping back into a totalitarian state, North Korea announcing that it has first strike capability on the US, Iran moving closer to firing nukes into Israel, and a cyclone devastating parts of Australia all in the last week, it seems about right that Condi would travel to paradise....

Don't get me wrong, I don't doubt the enormous strength and resolve of the military forces of the Caribbean. I just think Condi is looking for a reason to play topless volleyball and drink pina coladas with the brothers of Alpha Sigma Shitcanned."

Rice Punts on NFL Commissioner Post [Fox News]

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