Condi Rice Speaks Out: Sarah Palin Is A Governor, of Some State, In the United States!


[youtube expand=1]

Here's forgotten Bush Administration tool Condoleezza Rice weighing in on McCain's goofy pick for veep, Alaskan anger-bear and baby farmer Sarah Palin.

What Condi's doing here is what elitists call "damning with faint praise." And that's only natural for a well-educated academic fancy-pants piano-playing culture vulture like our Condi. What does she know about the real world of snowbilly trash and teen-aged baby mamas? Only a mean, dumb white-trash gal with a community-college degree in sportscasting understands the real challenges of this world -- and that's keeping "Sambo" out of the White House. There's a reason it's called that, you know! [Think Progress/ABC News]


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