Condi: We Do Too Have Friends!

What are you talking about, sirMike Huckabee wrote an incredibly long essay for the next issue of Foreign Affairs about what he plans to do about foreign policy if elected and (shocking!) how he thinks the Bush Administration fucked it up by, like, being all go-it-alone and shit. Condi wasn't going to stand for that, though, she held a press conference and refused to respond to Huckabee except to note that relations are much improved with Britain, France and Germany (which has nothing to do with their new right-of-center governments and everything to do with our diplomacy) and that we're working with Russia and China on Iran (despite Russian giving Iran nuclear material) and the whole Annapolis thing! We've totally stopped being isolationist this year, Mike, haven't you been paying attention! Jeebus! [Foreign Affairs, Yahoo News]


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