Condoleezza Rice Puts Prisoner Abuse in Prospective

You can ask the White House anything, and sometimes they answer:

Q: Tom from Camano Island, WA:

    How could this Country who is supposed to represent all that is right in the World allow the treatment of prisoners to happen as reported in our newspapers today? Swift and sure action must be taken to correct this situation (if true).
A: Dr. Condoleezza Rice, National Security Advisor:
    . . . Those pictures were awful because America -- American men and women in uniform, active and reserve, are serving in Iraq at great sacrifice. People are losing their lives. We came there to help to liberate the people of Iraq. We came there to build schools, and to build clinics, and we want very much that the images of Americans should be the images of helping the Iraqi people.
You hear that? Someone screwed up and released the wrong images. It's like during the civil rights movement. The protesters kept emphasizing the lynchings and the angry mobs; they never showed photos of the terrific restrooms and water fountains the white folks so thoughtfully provided. You can see how people got the wrong idea.

UPDATE: A representative from the Center for Comedy Bias wrote to remind us that, in context, Rice's response loses some of its spin. Sigh. You people. With the truth and the context and the ethics. Whatevs. Follow the link below for a full transcript, including the going-out-on-a-limb statement that it's unacceptable to engage in prisoner abuse.

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