Confidently Incorrect People Who Got Roasted For Their Ignorance! Tabs, Thurs., May 13, 2021

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It is safe to say that former (acting) Secretary of Defense Chris Miller did not do well yestertoday at his House hearing on the 1/6 Capitol riots. (Politico)

I ... okay.

I ... okay.

Joe Manchin ain't down with S1, the For the People Act; he supports "a more measured voting rights bill," the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, believing "it could garner bipartisan support." LOLOLOLOL oh no I laughed so hard I prolapsed my butt, and now I have a prolapsed butt to deal with it's called JOE MANCHIN. (ABC News)

Blah blah blah Biden and congressional leaders meeting about infrastructure bill, which Mitch McConnell will pass over Joe Manchin's dead body. Many wanking motions for this article. — Politico

If you have any New York Times articles left this month, this video — foreign cops watching in horror as they see the tenets of American policing at work — is absolutely worth one of your clicks. (New York Times)

What do you think they'd make of this?

A former St. Louis cop facing a criminal charge in the beating of a Black undercover detective has asked a judge to sanction federal prosecutors for disclosing text messages in which he uses the N-word freely, brags about sending people to the hospital and talks at length with other cops about prescription drug use.

Riverfront Times

NYPD cop union weeps big crocodile tears about how they shouldn't stop and frisk anybody unless they're sure it's constitutional, oh ... no? (Techdirt / Unlawful Shield)

This Intercept story made Matt Taibbi and Glenn Greenwald mad. It's sifting through and reporting on hacked info from the white supremacist social media platform Gab. (The Intercept)

Yeah, works for me!

Absolutely do it. And while you're at it, a few more people might register to vote too.

Why poor neighborhoods don't get any goddamn trees. PLANT SOME GODDAMN TREES, AMERICA. — Grist

The EPA climate report that Trump delayed for three years. Is it good? No, it's very very bad! (EPA)

The chicken shortage has driven Food and Wine insane. Are We Ready for an Aspic Comeback? No.

Queens of Infamy: Boudicca. Or rather: BOUDICCA. BOUDICCA. — Longreads

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