Congress Errantly To Take Away Mandela's Terrorist Label

The United States Government still rightly classifies Nelson Mandela and other members of the African National Congress as a certain flavor of terrorist for fighting white minority rule several decades ago. But because of the Liberals, Congress is now ignorantly passing legislation to remove these travel restrictions, which Condoleezza Rice called "embarrassing" over a month ago. Well of course she said that.

So because we screwed up with our misplaced "recognizing" over 20 years ago, we now have to screw up again?

Despite recognizing two decades ago that America's place was on the side of those oppressed by apartheid, Congress has never resolved the inconsistency in ourImmigration code that treats many of those who actively opposed apartheid in South Africa as terrorists and criminals," said Rep. Howard Berman, a California Democrat who chairs the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

The House approved a lift on these restrictions yesterday and now the Senate -- Liberty's last hope -- is working on it. John Kerry said, "No bureaucratic snafu can excuse this international embarrassment, and we need to fix this policy now." Hmm. Maybe if they switch over Mandela's travel restrictions to John Kerry, then this embarrassing "corrective" piece of legislation would be moderately palatable.

U.S. House: End terrorist label for Mandela [AP]


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