Congress Refuses to Disclose Earmarks to CNN Interns

CNN photo-illustrators, stay golden - WonketteTwo writers, two "staffers," and six interns pooled the extensive resources of to email every member of the House and politely ask them what their earmark requests were for the upcoming fiscal year.

The response? A resounding "fuck off"!

Staffers for only 31 of the 435 members of the House contacted by CNN between Wednesday and Friday of last week supplied a list of their earmark requests for fiscal year 2008, which begins on October 1, or pointed callers to Web sites where those earmark requests were posted.

The Democrats kind of shot themselves in the foot with that whole "new era of transparency" line, didn't they? They should've stuck with "we won't try to fuck your kids." They coulda at least kept that charade up a couple months longer.

Despite promises, few in House make earmark requests public [CNN]


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