Congress Subpoenas Condi Over IRAQ WAR

Dah dah dah, duh dah dah, duh dah dah, DAH DAH DAH DUH DA DAH DUH DA DAH - WonketteNow it's starting to get good. To hell with this FiringOfUSAttorneysGate -- sure, if it hangs Gonzo it's useful, if ever so boring. But with the official House oversight committee's subpoena of Condi Rice specifically over the faked pre-invasion "intelligence" on Saddam's mythical WMDs, we are quickly turning in the direction of actual war trials.

Huzzah for the incredibly slow Demon of Justice! And what will Condi wear to her hanging?

(Oh, and dimwitted Pat Robertson School of Fundamentalist Criminals' grad Monica Goodling got immunity from Judiciary, so she can sink Gonzo like a stone. Double Huzzah!)

House panel approves subpoena for Rice [MSNBC]


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