Congress To Censor Old Man Penis Ads, Maybe

Congress To Censor Old Man Penis Ads, Maybe

This is a Good Bill, in Congress, this "Families for ED Advertising Decency Act." It "would force advertisements for products like Cialis and Viagra to only broadcast between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m." Yes, do that. Every other commercial these days is some pharmaceutical company showing a couple of Olds dancing in their vegetable garden or whatever, the message being, "THIS'LL GET YER DICK UP GOOD." Vulgar. VULGAR. Also please ban... all other commercials, or at least the ones with "Baby Got Back" in them. Yeah. Uhhh... after the jump, a video of Bob Dole falling off a stage!

This is the sort of comedy you find when you google "viagra bob dole."

[youtube expand=1]

[The Hill]


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