Congress Will Buy Your Crappy 'Ride' For $4,500!

Congress Will Buy Your Crappy 'Ride' For $4,500!

Do you own some terrible old car? Probably not! But you might be makingpayments on some terrible old car. Communist Premier Nobama and his Duma-Politburo (the House and Senate) have got a great deal for you: Just trade in your gas-guzzling sticker-covered crapmobilie full of McDonald's bags for a shiny new better-mileage-getting Automobile of the Future, and you'll get $4,500. That is, what, equal to about a year's worth of unemployment?

Combined with the $8,000 first-time homebuyer cashback government rebate, you can go from you current income (zero) to $12,500 just by signing your name on some financing paperwork. DING DING DING. We do not have a lot of fancy calculators sitting around, but we bet this is more than a grand a month for doing nothing at all but promising to pay for shit you will never ever pay for, ever -- what could go wrong?

Congress Close on ‘Cash for Clunkers’ [NYT]


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