How Can Amy Coney Barrett F*ck It Up Today? Liveblogging Day Three!

Yes, we have to do this again.

What can we say about the first day of the Amy Coney Barrett hearings?


She can't answer any of your questions, because that would be improper, even when the question is "Should there be a peaceful transfer of power?" Will she recuse herself from any election-related cases, since she's only being fast-tracked to help steal Donald Trump the election? She can't say. Will she kill Obamacare and hurt millions of people? She's not telling. Will she fuck over people who have a "sexual preference" that is LGBT, because that is literally what she said? She can't say.

She can't say what she really thinks about Roe, even though we all know what she thinks about Roe. (It's just a precedent, but not a SUPER DUPER precedent, which would mean she'd have to respect it.) Is abortion a constitutional right? Well, these cases say it is, not that Amy Comet Ping-Ping is endorsing these cases. She's an originalist, except for when "original" doesn't comport with her personal bigoted feelings.

And so forth. She's a real asshat. Read yesterday's liveblog to catch up!

Today the senators will each have another 20 minutes to ask questions. And we're liveblogging it again! But as a treat afterward, we are VOTING AGAINST THESE FUCKERS TODAY.

Have you made your voting plan? Make your voting plan while you watch this garbage, which should give you more motivation to make your voting plan, to get rid of all the fuckers who made this happen.

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2020 Congressional Elections

Poll Porn: The 'Americans Love Horndogs, Hate Waffles' Edition

Get ready to kiss that gavel goodbye, Mitch.


Just twenty-one days until we fire that orange excrescence and put an end to this four-year waking nightmare. We can make it.

But if you're feeling jumpy in the meantime, Cook Political has some Senate nicetimes to calm your nerves.

Burn it down, y'all. Un-pollable Alaska and Texas get moved one click to the left, from "Likely" to "Lean" Republican (goddammit, Beto!), while Georgia's special election is now looking like a tossup, with Democrat Raphael Warnock taking a plurality of votes and teed up to face Senator Kelly Loeffler in the runoff. And if there's anyone who can lose a Senate seat in Georgia, it's Kelly Loeffler.

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Amy McGrath Stares Into Abyss Where Mitch McConnell’s Soul Should Be

C’mon, Kentucky, you can do better than this.

Watch Live: Kentucky US Senate Debate Oct 12 2020

Democrat Amy McGrath walked through the valley of the shadow of death and faced Republican Senator Mitch McConnell at their first debate Monday. She hoped to convince Kentucky voters to abandon this twisted ghoul, a walking compost bag of evil. She did well, hammering the Senate majority leader on how little he actually cares about Kentuckians. When McConnell took credit for oh-so-generously passing a coronavirus relief bill in March, McGrath reminded him that it's October, the coronavirus is still here, and millions have lost their jobs.

MCGRATH: The House put up legislation in May, and it's been sitting on [McConnell's] desk all summer long. He took a vacation, didn't see the urgency to do anything. Meanwhile, here in Kentucky, we have a million Kentuckians that have filed for unemployment sometime in the last six months. We have 300,000 Kentuckians that still don't have healthcare in the middle of coronavirus. And he's walking away from negotiations even now when President Trump even wants negotiations to happen before this election. It's irresponsible.

I might've used a stronger word here than “irresponsible," like “depraved" or “pernicious." McConnell is a "most specially greedy, strong and wicked worm," but he remembers to take his cans out to the curb on garbage day.

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Amy Klobuchar Sets Tone For Amy Coney Barrett Hearings, By Beating Everyone's Ass

If you watch one thing from this week, let it be this.

Hi! You are probably watching the first day of questioning in the confirmation hearings for Amy Comet Ping Pong Amy Bony Carrot Amy Serena Joy Waterford "Handmaid's Tale" Coney Barrett. But in case you missed yesterday's opening statements from the nominee and the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, this is what you need to know about, besides the part where GOP Senator Mike Lee, WHO HAS COVID-19, did the hearing without a mask and just fuckin' breathed on everybody. And that committee chair Lindsey Graham and former committee chair Chuck Grassley refuse to even get tested, because skullfucking American democracy is more important to them than their personal health.

Ugh, we will have a whole 'nother post on that shit today.

This is the important thing:

Minnesota's Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar would like you to know that this week is bullshit. Just unmitigated, undemocratic, un-American bullshit. She'd like the other Republican senators on the Judiciary Committee to know this, and she'd like Amy Fuckin' Comet Ping-Ping Handmaid Idiot McGee to know this, and she'd like Judge Serena Joy Waterford to look her in the eye while she calls it bullshit.

Mostly, she'd like every American voter — millions of whom are voting THIS VERY WEEK — to know the following:

"Judge, I think this hearing is a sham," said Klobuchar. "I think it shows real messed up priorities from the Republican Party."

BUT, she said, "we have a secret weapon that they don't have." Tasers? No not tasers. Klobuchar said it is you, and we, and all of us, by which she means the voters. Who are, again, VOTING RIGHT NOW. In droves! This very week!

And you know what's going to happen if these motherfuckers put Serena Joy on the Supreme Court? Oh we dunno but it rhymes with "SMACK THE JORTS."

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