Latinos For Trump Wants Election Tossed Because Congress DOES NOT EXIST

He's got about an hour, he'd best hurry.

A new contender enters the ring! Move over, Sidney Powell! Step aside Roodles! Back up, Lin Wood! It's time for Paul M. Davis, Former Associate General Counsel of Goosehead Insurance, Inc. (Terminated after peacefully protesting) Now Solo Civil Rights Attorney.

AKA, this jackass.

Paul Davis is representing Latinos for Trump, Blacks for Trump, Joshua Macias, apparently the founder of Vets for Trump who was recently released from jail and re-arrested after the Capitol riots, and four other pseudonymous plaintiffs.

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Mitch McConnell Calls Biden ‘The People’s Choice,’ Calls Trump A Cab Out Of Washington

The end of the affair.

Senate Majority (soon-to-be-Minority) Leader Mitch McConnell torched Donald Trump on the Senate floor Tuesday. He noted that the last time the Senate convened was after a MAGA mob had attacked Congress on January 6.

MCCONNELL: We had just reclaimed the Capitol from violent criminals who'd tried to stop Congress from doing our duty. The mob was fed lies. They were provoked by the president and other powerful people.

Trump would love to distance himself from the mob he incited, but McConnell isn't letting him. This is a big deal. Before Trump's first annual Senate impeachment trial, McConnell (said he) believed Trump hadn't done anything wrong. He told Sean Hannity that he was actively coordinating with the White House and there'd be "no difference between the president's position and our position."

McConnell and Trump obviously don't share the same position about the Capitol siege. Trump still insists he did nothing wrong, just like his perfect Ukraine call. However, McConnell stated outright that Trump's “Save America" rally speech was a pack of lies. He accused Trump of provoking a mob that broke into the Capitol and killed five people, including a police officer.

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Right Wing Extremism

Madison Cawthorn Remembers Time Madison Cawthorn Saved All Of Congress From Mob He For Sure Didn't Incite

This guy, whew, boy, I don't know!

Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-North Carolina), the charming young Aryan who got elected to Congress despite/because he announced that visiting der Führer 's vacation home was on his bucket list, is still working out how best to spin his participation in the run-up to the failed putsch of January 6. In a fascinating New York magazine piece by Olivia Nuzzi, Cawthorn struggled for words to explain how he wished the day had gone differently. You know, for the sake of the nation, and also for his public image, which has suffered just a skosh since he called on voters to "lightly threaten" members of Congress who didn't overturn the election.

"Literally," Cawthorn said, "I … I … I …" [...]

"In hindsight," Cawthorn went on, "you know, I wish I could've … uhh … if I could, you know … I probably would've … obviously … knowing what happened later in the day … I wish I would've been like, 'Just so you know, we are peaceful protesters.' "
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If Liz Cheney’s Not Down With Trump’s Mob Insurrection, Why Is She Even A Republican?

Wyoming Republicans censure Cheney for voting to impeach Trump.

The Republican Party Central Committee in Carbon County, Wyoming, has censured House Rep. Liz Cheney for her extreme anti-mob position. The censure resolution, which passed unanimously Monday, claimed that Cheney defied "the will of most Wyoming Republican voters," the only ones who matter, when she voted to impeach that one-term loser president Donald Trump last week.

The resolution goes on to claim that a "vocal majority of Wyoming Republicans" believe that there were "significant irregularities" in the 2020 election. There weren't. These people are idiots, but they're gonna build a church on the rock of Trump's Big Lie.

Cheney voted to confirm President-elect Joe Biden's Electoral College victory, which is a real thing that happened in the real world. She said she wasn't happy about the results but the January 6 session of Congress was “not about President Trump. It's about following the Constitution."

Trump wasn't pleased. During his pre-siege rally, he told tens of thousands of his supporters that “we got to get rid of" Cheney. Gangsters are usually more subtle.

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