Congressional Catfight: An Update on Harris vs. Frank

katherine%20harris%20barney%20frank.JPGThe Congressional Catfight races get closer and closer. Since the polls opened earlier this afternoon, the margin has never widened beyond 52-48, with Katherine Harris and Barney Frank trading the lead back and forth. At several points over the past few hours, the vote has been exactly tied. Right now, Frank leads Harris by 18 votes, out of almost 2000 cast.

Some of you have accused us of election fraud:

This is the message I get when I attempt to vote against Katherine Harris: "Not Found. The requested URL was not found on this server."

She's done it again. Guaranteed a win for her chosen candidate. The fix is in. Katherine must have flashed her new and improved attributes at the webmaster.

We assure you that this error message is just another technical glitch at our site. We have no thumb on these scales. The winner will be determined by you, the electorate.

Toward that end, we have an announcement: the polls will close tomorrow at 11:30 AM Eastern time. This could vary by a few minutes on either end, due to blogging software issues, but we will try our best to close the polls exactly at 11:30.

Because this race is so close, deciding when to close the polls could make all the difference. To ensure absolute fairness, we are now telling you when we will close the polls, so you can't accuse us of "gaming" the poll closing.

This means that more than 18 hours are left for voting. So click here, and cast your ballot!

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