barney%20frank%20david%20dreier.JPGSome of you have complained that Congressional Catfight is sexist. We deny all such charges. Meet the next two competitors stepping into the ring: Congressman Barney Frank (on left) and Congressman David Dreier (on right). In case you can't tell your left from your right, Frank is the bear, and Dreier is the twink

Representatives Frank and Dreier are the tournament's fourth and fifth seeds, respectively, and we're predicting another close race. Without further ado, here's the poll:

The loser will have to wear a dog collar. And assless chaps.

Normally we'd close the polls tomorrow morning. But since tomorrow is Saturday, we'll leave the polls open until Monday morning. This way you can vote over and over again, with multiple partners, over the course of the entire weekend. It's Congressional Catfight: Circuit Party Edition!

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