Congressional Catfight: Cynthia McKinney vs. Nancy Pelosi

cynthia%20mckinney%20and%20nancy%20pelosi.JPGOkay, folks, today's Congressional Catfight is a big one. It's between two congresswomen who need no introduction: our top seed, Rep. Cynthia McKinney (on left), and the House Minority Leader, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (on right).

Based on the photographic evidence, it looks like a triumphant McKinney is laughing at a deer-in-headlights Pelosi. But just as George Mason demonstrated back in March, upsets are always possible.

True, Cynthia "Closed Fist" McKinney has the Capitol Police running scared. But Nancy Pelosi didn't get to be leader by playing well with others -- just ask Steny Hoyer.

If you need more information about these two figures, links to our prior coverage of them appear at the end of this post. But we suspect that you already know more than you would ever need (or care) to know, about both of these members.

The polls are now open. Have at it!

Tug of War [TNR]

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