barney%20frank%20david%20dreier.JPGWho says Democrats can't win? In the latest Congressional Catfight, Barney Frank pounded poor David Dreier's brains out, making him cry out in pain.

Frank rode Dreier hard, then put him away wet. Here's the scorecard:

Frank taking Dreier down for the count isn' surprising. Over the weekend, a tipster with firsthand knowledge of Frank's prowess wrote us this message:

You guys are ruthless -- I love you. You hit the mark on Barney. I used to "turn" him when he was living with his mother on Commonwealth Avenue He loves to wrestle. I hated that kind of trick because they wanted to play forever instead of just wanting head or blowing me. This was even before Stephen Gobie, who was the grandfather of street hustlers in Boston. Look it up.

(For those of you not old enough to remember, Gobie was the male prostitute whom Frank, a former client of Gobie, hired to work in his household. Frank fired after Gobie after learning that he was running a prostitution business out of Frank's apartment on Capitol Hill.)

So Barney Frank has wrestled David Dreier into submission. Will Frank be as successful in the next round, when he'll face the formidable Katherine Harris?

Check back later in the day, when we'll open the polls for the first semifinal match-up: Sheila Jackson-Lee versus Nancy Pelosi.

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