Congressional Catfight: Harris vs. Frank

katherine%20harris%20barney%20frank.JPGAlthough their political views couldn't be more divergent, Rep. Katherine Harris (left) and Rep. Barney Frank (right) share some similarities on a personal level.

Both are over-the-top, larger-than-life figures -- two of the most colorful characters in the House. Both have mannish, drag-queen-esque tendencies. And both have a weakness for cute young boys.

And today they're both fighting for the same thing: a berth in the finals of Congressional Catfight. Here's the poll:

This is a huge race, and the winner will move into the final round, to take on Nancy "Crazy-Eyes" Pelosi. So please vote, early and often (and tell all your friends, too).

After the jump, for true Catfight devotees, the full tournament bracket, plus links to our prior coverage of both competitors.

Update: In response to the question raised in the comments: No, Harris is not packing heat for purposes of this competition. This is a traditional, old-fashioned catfight. It's okay to scratch your opponent's eyes out with your fingernails, but outside weapons are not allowed. So Katy can't bring a gun into the fight, just as Barney must leave the ten-inch dildo at home.


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