Congressional Catfight: Katherine Harris vs. Jo Ann Emerson

katherine%20harris%20jo%20ann%20emerson.JPGWelcome to Congressional Catfight. Through several highly scientific Wonkette reader polls, we will determine who is the most insane, badass, bitchiest congresswoman out there. We've drawn up a list of eight competitors, who will be pitted against each other in a series of no-holds-barred catfights. The contest will be conducted in tournament style, with brackets (like Consumerist's Worst Company in America competition, or Valleywag's Girls of Google hotties contest).

We'll have the full tourney ladder for you, featuring all eight competitors, later today. [Update: Here it is.]

For now, let's plunge straight into the action. Today's match-up pits Jo Ann Emerson (above left), of "I think you're an asshole" fame, against Katherine Harris (above right), of -- well, of Katherine Harris fame. Here's the poll:

Please vote, early and often. The results will be certified by Katherine Harris.

Thank you. We think you are assholes.

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