Congressional Catfight: Pelosi Defeats Jackson-Lee

nancy%20pelosi%20and%20sheila%20jackson-lee.JPGThe latest Congressional Catfight, between Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, was thisclose. It really could not have been closer: the winner had 50.1 percent of the votes, and the loser had 49.9 percent of the votes.

It was the catfight version of Bush v. Gore. (Okay, the congressional catfight version of Bush v. Gore; Bush v. Gore was the catfight version of Bush v. Gore.) Out of 2,637 votes cast, the winner was separated from the loser by just three votes. Here's the breakdown:

So Nancy Pelosi continues to be the upset queen of this competition. First she vaporizes the top-seeded Cynthia McKinney, and now she dispatches #3 seed Sheila Jackson-Lee. Who says Pelosi doesn't have what it takes to be the next Speaker of the House?

But does she have what it takes to be the Congressional Catfight champion? Perhaps; but she'll need to defeat one more opponent to take home that honor. Check back this afternoon, when we'll open the polls in Katherine Harris versus Barney Frank, to see who will square off against Pelosi in the mother of all battles.

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