Congressional Catfight: Pelosi Defeats McKinney

cynthia%20mckinney%20and%20nancy%20pelosi.JPGIt's not as bad as being indicted on assault charges, but it looks like Cynthia McKinney has been defeated in Congressional Catfight by Nancy Pelosi. Although she has moved to California, Nancy can still fight like a Baltimore gal!

This was a tight race, from start to finish. McKinney took an early lead, but Pelosi caught up, then eked out a narrow lead going into last night. After we pointed out Pelosi's lead, one of you observed:

so basically, wonkette has taken a page from the republican playbook -- keep the voting open till the "right" candidate wins. go (speaker) pelosi!

To defend ourselves against this charge of election fraud, we would note that we closed the polls in this race at around the same time we did for the prior races (the morning following the afternoon when the polls were opened). And with the polls closed, Pelosi upset McKinney, winning by a comfortable margin:

So it looks like y'all have voted Cynthia off the island. Eliminated from Congressional Catfight, McKinney will have to stick to beating on Capitol Police officers.

Looking ahead to November, will Cynthia get voted out of her House seat (as she was in 2004)? Probably not. But as today's contest shows, our gal Cynthia is not invincible. Upsets can and do happen!

Political Junkie [NPR]

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Congressional Catfight: Cynthia McKinney vs. Nancy Pelosi


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