Congressional Catfight: Sheila Jackson-Lee vs. Virginia Foxx

sheila%20jackson%20lee%20virginia%20foxx.JPGTime for our next Congressional Catfight face-off: Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (on left) versus Rep. Virginia Foxx (on right). Anonymous Hill Staffer had the following to say about each of our worthy competitors:

Shelia JACKSON LEE (D-TX): She's just fucking nuts, and has something to say about every goddamn bill that's on the floor. Burns through staff like crazy.

Virginia FOXX (R-NC): She's like your grandma, if your grandma was a pissed off militant paper wasp of a Republican. Also she wears these dumbass sweaters on the floor (like home-knit and have snowmen on them and stuff). Also, she's Jamie Foxx's great aunt.

Combined with the pictures, that should be enough for you to make an informed decision. But if you'd like more information about the candidates, additional tidbits appear after the jump.

Knock yourselves out! This race will be interesting -- and surely much closer than the rout of Jo Ann Emerson by Katherine Harris.

If you're on the fence, a little more about the two candidates is available after the jump.

Sheila Jackson Lee, you may recall, was one of the guesses for our "Devil Wears A Member's Pin" blind item:

[Sheila Jackson-Lee] is a total nightmare.... I have a friend who went from intern to scheduler in a month in that office, because their press secretary, chief of staff, and entire leg staff quit.

And here are several articles about Jackson-Lee, which place her in a less-than-flattering light:

What's Driving Miss Sheila?
Flying Miss Sheila

The More Things Change (scroll down)

Among her colorful quotations, here's our personal favorite: "Don't you know who I am? I'm Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. Where is my seafood meal? I know it was ordered!"

As for Virginia Foxx, she too has her detractors. One of the commenters to this post, responding to a commenter who described Foxx as "nice," said:

Who the fuck thinks Virginia Foxx is NICE? That bitch would sooner spit on a homeless person than look at them.

And then there's this, which we received by email:

I was just going to write that anyone who's had to suffer [Foxx's] idiocy during an Ed and the Workforce hearing or markup knows how batshit crazy she is. It's frightening that a woman who operates entirely on Rush talking points actually sits on the committee that writes policy for our workers and families.

My peeps in Winston-Salem were ecstatic to get her out of the state legislature when she ran for Congress (I think she had to move to run for Burr's old seat). They just can't believe she won and actually wields more influence.

[Foxx is] just another wingnut who wants to eviscerate the institution that employs her.

Is that enough information for you? Stop wasting your time; go ahead and cast your vote!

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