Congressional VD Policy: Quarantine

flowers1.jpgAn embedded congressional operative recently sent us this little document, just in time for Valentine's Day. Because we are living in a world where Lite-Brites shut down major cities for entire panicky days, Congress cannot be too careful when it comes to obviously harmless signifiers of childlike joy.

So if you'd like to send Michele Bachmann some chocolates, remember that "flowers, cards, candy, and gifts of any type" will be held "off-site" in quarantine for at least two days.

Furthermore, if you'd like to directly send Denny Hastert a pick-me-up bouquet, someone in his office will have to engage in some Deep Throat shit to pick it up:

If you are contacted by a delivery person who wants to deliver cut flowers, please instruct the delivery person to meet you in an outside public area. You must meet the delivery person, inspect the flowers and bring the flowers into the House Office complex yourself.

The vigilance of the Capitol Police has ensured that the easiest way to completely shut down the entire Capitol complex this Valentine's season is to send everyone in congress a single rose.

Full policy after the jump.



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