Congressman Aaron Schock Looks Tasty, Even Without Chocolate Syrup


  • Why'd you do it, Lindsey Graham? We await an apology via your publicist, Meghan McCain. [RedState]

  • Meet Aaron Schock, the handsomest Republican congressman since Mark Foley -- SWIMSUIT PHOTOS! [Something Awful]

  • What's the point of a 60-vote majority if it votes the same way as the 40-vote minority? Wait a second ... [Think Progress]

  • A mentally challenged deaf person in Mobile, Alabama got a face full of pepper spray and then was repeatedly tasered in the gut because HE WAS TAKING TOO LONG IN THE BATHROOM. Is this in the Patriot Act or something? America, we need to talk. [USA Today]

  • Alan Dershowitz insists that Heinrich Himmler was a Palestinian. OK Alan, whatever you say! Psycho. [Matt Yglesias]


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