Congressman Realizes He Can Just Shoot People Who Get In His Way


How will the Republicans ever pass that nice young boy scout Paul Ryan's budget and finish ruining the country? Unless Republicans can put together a simultaneous presidency, House majority, and 60-vote Senate majority, it's unlikely that our government will ever be able to double seniors' out-of-pocket medical costs and put this busted experiment to rest. But it's not impossible! Rep. John Sullivan of Oklahoma has a pretty simple plan; you've just gotta go and kill a few Senators who are blocking it. Umm duh? Just not so many that you wouldn't be able to put together a quorum, of course.

Here's Sullivan on the radio, describing his frustrations with Senators who don't like Paul Ryan's terrible bill and his plan to take the fuckers out. He will just go door to door in his legislative flophouse (on Cum Street?) and murder his roommates, who disagree with him about politics. Via TPM:

Like I said, after this last election, the first order of business is pass a budget. Now, I believe that. I supported the Paul Ryan budget and sent it over to the Senate. Now I live with some Senators, I yell at them all the time, I grabbed one of them the other day and shook him and I’d love to get them to vote for it — boy I’d love that. You know but other than me going over there with a gun and holding it to their head and maybe killing a couple of them, I don’t think they’re going to listen unless they get beat.

He has since issued an apology, which is lame. He was having a genuine breakthrough here! Shoot first, have a reason later.

[via TPM]


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