Congressman Reveals Vast Tolerance

'Do I make you horny?' - WonketteNo wonder they didn't mind the U.S. troops torturing, raping and murdering people in Iraq -- that's just the natural way Republicans have sex!

Connecticut Rep. Christopher Shays explained why there was no outrage or even concern when disgusting evidence of widespread torture by U.S. troops was revealed in 2004:

"Now I've seen what happened in Abu Ghraib, and Abu Ghraib was not torture. It was outrageous, outrageous involvement of National Guard troops from Maryland who were involved in a sex ring and they took pictures of soldiers who were naked."
WTF does Shays mean by "sex ring," anyway? In American English, a "sex ring" is the enslavement and prostitution of little kids in a "child sex ring" ("paedophile ring" in the UK) or trafficking in adult women slaves who are sold or leased to whorehouses. Ignoring for the moment that Abu Ghraib was the scene of widespread savage torture, assault, rape and (most likely) murder of Iraqis locked in dungeons, how exactly is Shays comforted by the thought that it was really a "sex ring"?

Finally, which vile alternate dimension does Chris Shays represent?

Shays: Abu Ghraib wasn't torture [You Tube]

Shays defends comments on Abu Ghraib [The Advocate]


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