Congressman Sneaks Pork Chop, Doesn't Starve To Death

It's LOLpolitics day, lol!!!1! - WonketteCongressman Tim Ryan is SO HUNGRY. The Ohio Democrat took part in this starvation stunt last week to draw attention to an issue of some importance: If you're one of the 21 million Americans trying to subsist on food stamps, you're either starving or stuffing yourself with the cheapest high-calorie junk food available, because a sack of generic x-treme trans-fat corn-syrup puzzlewits is a lot cheaper than, say, some nice fresh produce or fish.

So Ryan tried to survive off a food-stamp budget, or three bucks per day. For the week, a box of pasta and jar of peanut butter were his main foods ... until he secretly feasted on a pork chop and conveniently "forgot" to blog about it for a day ... supposedly because TSA goons took his peanut butter and jelly at the airport, leaving him with nothing but cornmeal.

On Monday, the "Food Stamp Challenge" ended and Ryan celebrated with either sushi or a steak. The other 21 million people still surviving on food stamps celebrated with a resigned sigh and fitful sleep.

How Does Congressman Feel After Spending Just $21 A Week On Food? Hungry, But Happy [MTV News]


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