Congressman's Grandson Falls Asleep During Gory House Floor Speech


C-SPANhas a video up of Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX) on the House floor giving a speech about the evils of domestic violence. That would be a pretty normal thing for them to do! But his grandson is sitting behind him the whole time, falling asleep and thus undermining Poe's details about how scary domestic violence is. From the 3:07 mark: "He went to the business where she worked...he came up to her, and he poured that gasoline over her head, and he set her on fire." BORING, GRANDPA.

[youtube expand=1]

So there is your cute Wonkette video of the day, to balance out that video of children exploding and shooting blood everywhere we put up earlier. [YouTube via Wonkette operative "Kevin R."]


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