Connecticut Senate Primary Scandal: Lieberman Baby-Eating Photo Gallery Unavailable to Voting Public


Someone launched a Denial of Service Attack against Joe Liebmerman's website. Did you hear? No? Because it's THE BIGGEST ELECTION SCANDAL IN THE ELECTORAL HISTORY OF ELECTIONS.

Yes, is DOWN. Which has caused Joe to leap into action, fighting twice as hard as he did to salvage that election he actually won in Florida a couple years back (he didn't even wait until after it was stolen this time!). Joe's filing complaints with: the Connecticut's Attorney General, the Chief State's Attorney, and the United States Attorney's Office. TPM Muckraker reports that the Connecticut Attorney General is wasting no time either, promising to investigate ASAP. Ned Lamont has offered to send techies over to help (if he really wanted to fuck the Lieberman campaign, he could send the Gawker Media web team).

Meanwhile, turnout is ridiculously high at many polling places, and Lieberman, newly pessimistic over low turnout at a couple pro-Joe locales, has cancelled the last two stops on his 24-hour "Respect My Right to Not Represent Your Views in the Senate Tour '06."

Update: Joe Lieberman is paying $15/month to host his website, and has a 10GB hosting limit. This is basically the equivalent of trying to host a Katherine Harris photo gallery on Geocities. DoS nothing, an Instapundit link would've crashed the site. Joe's spokesman has changed his tune slightly.

Connecticut Attorney General to Investigate Lieberman Hacking [TPMMuckraker]

[Photo: This Modern World


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