Conrad Burns Drives Dangerously By Day, Kills At Night

You're fucking crazy, ooo child, you know you're crazeey-ah-ahhhh - WonketteOur beloved Montana ex-Senator is on a mad rampage through Washington today, and his weapon is a pickup truck

Remember how Conrad Burns boldly warned us of the Arab Taxi Drivers who operate cabs by day and kill at night? Finally free of Senate decorum, he's trying to kill off all the Terrorists himself ... along with everybody else on the streets today, at least one terrified congressional staffer and, presumably, the deer around Cheney's house.

Wonkette operative "Barney" has an incredible eyewitness report, after the jump.

This has to be one of the funniest and dangerous things I have seen in a long time. I am a lobbyist and was one the hill today (12/19) on business. As I was leaving to go back to my office, the cab driver and I noticed a large green pickup truck loaded with an office desk, a nice chair, and some other typical congressional furniture, and a nervous looking Hill Staffer hanging on for dear life!

The kid was squatting in the back of the truck bed -- with the tailgate down, mind you -- trying his best to hold everything in place. The cab then pulls up alongside the truck and guess who was behind the wheel? None other than CONRAD BURNS.

Apparently Arabs aren't the only ones that drive people around during the day, because there was Crazy-eyes Conrad, laughing with another staffer in the cabin, driving down Constitution Avenue.

I have some pics from my camera phone but I won't be able to upload them for a few hours. I'll do my best to get them over to you ASAP.

We will obviously be updating the hell out of this BREAKING NEWS, so you better just sit there hitting Refresh and drinking at your desk for the rest of the afternoon.

UPDATE: Yes, we have pictures! They are here, so click here!


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