Conrad Burns Is Abramoff's Little Bitch

Yum, my own children! - WonketteHalloween is the perfect day to engage in the ritual of "eating your own." Monty Warner, a "GOP media consultant" and friend of Jack Abramoff, has written a brutal letter to a Montana newspaper all about Conrad Burns and his staff being bought and owned by the convicted lobbyist.

"Frankly, it was widely viewed in D.C. that Mr. Abramoff effectively exerted implicit control over Mr. Burns whenever he and his team needed to get something accomplished," Warner writes. He adds that Burns' staff dined for free at Abramoff's restaurant so often that they would've otherwise "starved to death." The whole thing will be published Thursday.

Why the last-minute attack on Crazy Conrad? You never really know with these people, but Warner claims he was astonished when Burns claimed to have only taken $5,000 from Abramoff -- Burns actually took at least $150,000 in bribes, more than any other lawmaker in America. Worse, Burns has been trashing Abramoff in public. You don't do that shit in the Mafia without Serious Consequences.

Abramoff friend describes Burns staff's ties to lobbyist [Billings Gazette]


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