Conrad, Gregg Have New Plan To Easily Fix Deficits Forever

Conrad, Gregg Have New Plan To Easily Fix Deficits Forever

CUT ALL TACKSIES. Well, not yet. BUT Judd Gregg and Kent Conrad are so concerned that Congress does not have the willpower to make the tough decisions required to rein in insane long-term budget deficits that they havecreated this: the "Bipartisan Fiscal Task Force." Mmm, smells efficient, tastes effective! (EVERYONE MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY LIKE SPAIN OR PALAU RIGHT NOW.)

The BFTF released this press release from its radioactive headquarters on the planet Neptune:

Importantly, the task force would ensure a bipartisan outcome. Broad bipartisan agreement would be required to move anything forward. Fourteen of the 18 Task Force members would have to agree to report the recommendations. And final passage would require supermajorities in both the Senate and House.

“Our Bipartisan Fiscal Task Force is designed to get results,” said Conrad and Gregg.

Oh ho ho! The Bipartisan Fiscal Task Force, kickin' ass and takin' names and fuckin' those deficits in the butt. Instead of simply having a regular committee come up with solutions and pass them through majority votes, we will now have a Magical Deficit Bipartisanship Committee From Hell pass recommendations requiring 78% of committee votes and 60% of Senate votes, on tough votes, that will make all of their constituents hate all of them.



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