"Conservadems": Twice The Prefixes, Twice The... Meaningfulness (?)


  • Take a look at NOW! That's What I Call Michele Bachmann Vol. 1, in which our gal smugly recites lines from The Bald Soprano at confused interlocutors and looks proudly on. [TPM via Gawker]
  • Hollywood Box Office is making a feature film about that Lewinsky gal, the one from the 90s! Dennis Quad will be Bill, Julianne Moore will be Hillary, and they're not getting an actress to play Lewinsky, they're just going to use old news footage or who knows, maybe cast Cate Blanchett, Richard Gere and an animated Heath Ledger to tag-team it. [Top of the Ticket]
  • Rod Blagojevich, an actual toddler who, for a period of time, precociously involved himself in Illinois politics, says he has no regrets, in case you were thinking that he participated in some regretful activities. [CNN Political Ticker]
  • Democratic People's Republic of Alaska will be accepting most of the stiumulus funds, regardless of whatever Sarah Palin refused. [Anchorage Daily News]
  • And the good news!: America is still the world's #1 exporter of vacuous neologisms. USA #1! [Crooks and Liars]

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