Conservative Brains Fearful, Unable To Understand Complexity, Science Shows


In a study commissioned by Colin Firth "while serving as a guest host of the BBC Radio 4's Today program in London last year," so you know it's good,British researchers found people who describe themselves as liberal have "a larger anterior cingulate cortex--a gray matter of the brain associated with understanding complexity," whereas people who describe themselves as conservative have "a larger amygdala, an almond-shaped area that is associated with fear and anxiety," which is a marvel, considering most conservatives probably declined to participate because they were worried they'd be asked to prove their penis size.

(No word if there's a part of bloggers' brains that makes them likely to dismiss editing a run-on sentence paragraph by making a joke about it the next line.)

"Previously, some psychological traits were known to be predictive of an individual's political orientation," lead researcher Ryota Kanai writes of the study in the latest issue of Current Biology. "Our study now links personality traits with specific brain structure."

This study, with all its menacingly detailed statistics and stuff, should come as no surprise. Science and reason are always out to get conservatives and will stop at nothing to destroy them. [Yahoo News]


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