Conservative Radio Host Sues Islam

muslims should be deported... and then shown naked on the internetMichael Savage, the eponymous host of conservative radio's Savage Nation, filed a lawsuit Monday against the Council on American-Islamic Relations for essentially calling him a bigot, of all things! He claims that CAIR illegally used a 4-minute clip from his Oct. 29 program, during which the compassionate host said American Muslims "need deportation." Savage and his law people say the Muslims "repackaged" these words to make them more shocking. Hmm.... Unless the words before were "Everyone is special and all groups and religions are super equally awesome and no smiling, culturally equivalent Muslims ever" [need deportation], then we'll probably side with the non-Savages on this one.

Really, how many hours in the CAIR editing room could the repackaging of Savage's comments take:

In the broadcast, Savage called the Muslim holy book "a throwback document" and a "book of hate."

"What kind of religion is this? What kind of world are you living in when you let them in here with that throwback document in their hand, which is a book of hate," Savage said during the portion of the broadcast highlighted by CAIR. "Don't tell me I need reeducation. They need deportation."

Savage's suit blames CAIR's audio clip for a loss in advertising, which is surely everyone's fault but his.

Radio Host Sues Group That Quoted Him [AP/Breitbart]


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