Conserving Energy on the Short Bus

A sharp-eyed tipster alerts us to this passage from Scott McClellan's deft impersonation of a Carter-era energy conservationist today:

We'll be sending out notices to staff to promote mass transit, as well, letting them know about Metro stops and encouraging ride-sharing, telling them where pick-up and drop-off points are at the White House.

All of which just serves to remind us of that immortal nugget of wisdom from Repo Man: The more you drive, the dumber you are. For God's sakes, Scott, don't overwhelm them with unfamiliar information. You know how they all ran wild with those crazy WMD rumors. At the very least, make sure that their addresses are pinned to their clothes. Also, we think you forgot the most important precaution: Make sure they understand "touching the third rail" is more than jsut a metaphor for Social Security reform.


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