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Furries To Blame For Buffalo Shooting, Say Stew Peters And Kandiss Taylor

Hoo boy.

If there is one thing the far right is sure of this week, it is that its number one mission is proving the Buffalo shooter was either a liberal, a federal agent or someone brainwashed by the FBI to shoot up a Tops grocery store in Buffalo, New York, in hopes of making racist conspiracy theories seem like a bad thing. You know, because otherwise everyone thought Great Replacement/White Genocide stuff was perfectly reasonable.

Far-right talk show host Stew Peters thinks he has proof the shooter is a liberal, and that proof is that he is supposedly a furry, which means he cannot possibly be a white supremacist.

In a Telegram post Sunday, Peters wrote, "The Feds knew about the NY shooter, who was a mentally-disturbed 'furry', and they let it happen. They WANTED it to happen." [sic] He then shared a post from Georgia GOP gubernatorial candidate Kandiss "God, Guns and Babies" Taylor featuring an image from the shooter's livestream where his phone shows that he had been looking at a picture of a sexy cartoon dog.

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fox news

Time For Another Episode Of 'Regular Normal Conversations,' With Tucker Carlson And Glenn Greenwald!


You probably think the appropriate question about this clip of Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald talking on Tucker's "If Little House On The Prairie Was A Gay Porn" daytime set is "why?" But you are wrong, the question is "why not?"

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Snake Oil And General Woo

'Queen Of Canada' Telling Followers Not To Pay Their Bills Is Making An Old Cult New Again

Let's talk about some New Age nonsense!

In the fall of last year, there were some rumors going around that former Trump national security advisor and current who-even-knows-what General Michael Flynn was perhaps a Satanist or secretly a member of a weird New Age cult, after video surfaced of him doing a strange prayer during a speaking engagement. This is because that prayer, to St. Michael, was extremely similar to one written by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, the leader of the Church Universal and Triumphant (CUT) cult that you may remember from when they were all hoarding guns and living in bunkers in Montana back in the 1980s.

As I pointed out at the time, this was highly unlikely and not just because Flynn is a practicing Catholic. The big tell was that he wears black and red all of the time. In CUT and other Ascended Masters groups, those colors are largely forbidden. It's all purple, white, gold and green.

Why am I bringing this up? Because there is another QAnon-adjacent person who does appear to be reviving the Violet Flame — Romana Didula, self-appointed Queen of Canada. Didula has been popping up in the news every so often these days, most recently because she issued a royal decree announcing that no one need pay their utility bills anymore, and a bunch of her followers got their heat and electricity turned off and now owe thousands of dollars to their utility companies.

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Trump Thought China Controlled The Weather With A Hurricane Space Laser. Because Of Course He Did.

Can't wait for that loon to get back on Twitter. Gonna be so awesome.

Does China have a space laser that it's firing at the US to cause hurricanes? Many people are saying China controls the weather and we should bomb the shit out of them if they don't stop fucking with the weather in God's own US of A.

And by "many people," we mean the former president and no one else.

Asawin Suebsaeng and Adam Rawnsley recently decamped from the Daily Beast to Rolling Stone, but they're still supplying us with all the good dirt on wingnut crazytimes. Hashtag blessed!

Today's offering is a batshit story about "your favorite" weather-obsessed president. The same guy who wondered why we couldn't just nuke a hurricane and drew dicks on a map to prove that Hurricane Dorian was actually going to hit Alabama. Apparently that weirdo thought about weaponized weather so much that it was known around the White House as the "Hurricane Gun" thing.

“I was present [once] when he asked if China ‘made’ hurricanes to send to us,” a former senior official told RS. "[Trump] wanted to know if the technology existed. One guy in the room responded, ‘Not to the best of my knowledge, sir.’ I kept it together until I got back to my office… I do not know where the [then-]president would have heard about that… He was asking about it around the time, maybe a little before, he asked people about nuking hurricanes.”

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