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Whoops! Fox News's Jesse Watters Walks Back Totally Accidental Praise For QAnon


This weekend, Fox News's Jesse Watters made a real splash when, during an interview with Eric Trump, he praised "Q" for having "uncovered a lot of great stuff."

"Do you think this is an attempt to interfere in an election?," he asked Trump on Saturday, about Twitter purging 7,000 accounts associated with the conspiracy theory. "Because you know, Q can do some crazy stuff with the pizza stuff and the Wayfair stuff but they also uncovered a lot of great stuff when it comes to Epstein and the deep state."

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Conspiracy Theories

What Does It Mean For Conspiracy Theorists If Even Sinclair Won't Air Their Nonsense?

Is it just possible that it's not true?

This year, a deadly virus emerged in an organic fashion, killed a lot of people, and, according to the experts, the only way to keep it from killing way, way more people and also overwhelming hospitals was for everyone to just quarantine at home and be very careful and wear masks and observe certain protocols whenever they did need to leave their houses. For areas that did this, it worked pretty well. The rates of infection have gone down, while they've gone up in areas that have refused to do this. It seems like everything pretty much makes sense.

But that's not a very exciting explanation, and it makes people who don't like smug scientists or engaging in even the smallest personal sacrifice to prevent other people from getting sick and dying feel bad and annoyed. Thus, in May, another, more satisfying explanation emerged, in the form of a documentary called Plandemic. This documentary featured the good kind of scientist — the kind that cannot actually do science anywhere anymore because of how often their work has been discredited and the fact that they were arrested for having a co-worker steal research and notebooks from the lab they were just fired from (over being discredited).

In this version of events, that smug scientist who was on TV every day thinking he was better than everyone and telling them what to do actually invented the virus himself, and also all of the things he and all of the other scientists were telling people to do — specifically the very things that inconvenienced people the most, like quarantining, social distancing and mask-wearing — were actually bad.

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Conspiracy Theories

OAN Demands Twitter Stop Censoring QAnon Ideas Even They Won't Say On Air

Probably because they would get sued for libel.

"Commentators say millions of people are being purged from a major social media website for posting in support of their own president, law and order, and hopes for an honest and accountable government."

That is how One America News, Donald Trump's favorite news source, described in a recent segment Twitter's purge of 7,000 accounts associated with the QAnon conspiracy theory. The math is not the only thing that's a little off there.

The segment was reported by Kristian Rouz, who previously worked for Sputnik on the side (I am hardly an "OMG RUSSIA" person, but come the fuck on) and who has been known to promote baseless conspiracy theories like "Hillary Clinton is secretly funding Antifa with dark money from her PAC!" Rouz attempted to link the purging of the QAnon accounts to Trump invading "Democrat-run cities," a thing not related to either QAnon or QAnon-related accounts being purged from Twitter.

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'Plandemic' Lady And Larry Klayman Are Gonna Sue Dr. Fauci For Creating COVID-19

Sadly this is not a joke.

"America This Week" — a "news" show produced by Sinclair Broadcasting Network, hosted by disgraced former Fox News personality Eric Bolling, and syndicated on television stations across the United States — had quite the line-up this week. Pam Bondi! Katrina Pierson! Tom Cotton! Ted Nugent! Mussolini! Okay, not Mussolini, but probably only because he is dead. It really was a Who's Who of the worst people anyone has ever heard of.

But standing out from the pack, somehow, were the comedy team of Judy "The 'Plandemic' Lady" Mikovits and Larry "Super Lawyer" Klayman, who were there to explain how they were planning to sue Dr. Anthony Fauci for creating COVID-19, a thing he very obviously did not do because of how he is not a literal comic book villain.

Mikovits explained to Jocelyn Wildenstein Bolling that Fauci — or people working for him — manufactured this exact coronavirus here at Fort Dietrich, Maryland, "with monkey cell lines" (probably Sumatran Rat Monkey cell lines) and then shipped it to Wuhan, China, because doing that kind of thing is illegal here in the United States, and then he used his position here to get the research in Wuhan funded so they could continue ... coronavirus experiments? It's not really clear.

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