Contempt of Congress and Other Things We All Share

* Congress has no business trying to manage the war because Bush is going to continue to mismanage it. [NYT]

* Iraq has terrorists like a convent has rabbis. [NYT]

* It's time to put that whole Valerie Plame thing behind us, mostly because convictions won't stick until January 2009. [WP]

* Miers blows off her subpoena and we don't know what Congress can really do about that other than be all pissed off. [Roll Call]

* Iraq withdrawal vote is almost completely along party lines - and what a party it is! [The Hill]

* Fred Thompson's recollection is suddenly kind of fuzzy about whether or he personally aborted a fetus with a coat hanger. Also, he may have murdered some homeless people, but who's to say, really. [Politico]

* John McCain has no plans to stop losing. [Politico]

* There's something sort of sweet about the way John Edwards talks about poor people all the time. [LAT]

* Majority of Americans want another party, more unappealing candidates. [USAT]

* Mike Huckabee momentarily forgot that unions and teachers hate him. [BG]


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