Convention Bloggers: All Obama All the Time

barackobamadnc726He's not even in the United States Senate (yet) but Illinois's Democrat U.S. Senate Candidate Barack Obama is making waves in Boston. Bloggers are hot on the man who is becoming the HOT HOT HOT story of the 2004 Democratic National Convention: Once you go Barack, you never go back!

"Bigger than Max Cleland" [BOR]

"The Natural" [Political Wire]

"...rising star Barack Obama... asked for any tips about how to improve his own blog." [ElectaBlog]

"...Obama shows why having a camera with 10x optical zoom comes in handy." [Reinvented]

The lone holdout in Obamamania at this point is blogger Matt Stoller, who asks, "is there there there?"

Barack Obama Blog [Obama for Illinois]

[AP Photo/Seth Perlman]


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