Convention Hangover, Part Five (Bits and Pieces)

Convention nadir: "Teresa Heinz Kerry's paean to her own self-assertiveness, in which she was permitted to vent the delusion that hers is the candor of a feminist who had fought for her rights, rather than a billionairess who is simply used to being listened to." [Weekly Standard]

John Edwards's speech classified as "folk music" by iTunes. [Bruno and the Professor]

Was the president watching events in Boston? A little: "[H]e knows that the American League East won't be decided until September." []

The convention in a nutshell: "Your pass is lime green. This section is for those with forest green passes." [Black Table]

No dogs or liberal patsies allowed: Alan Colmes and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog locked out the Fleet Center. []

One of us! One of us! One of us!: "Reporting as a whole, while obviously necessary, is overrated." [TNR]


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